About us

Our company

Grazie Filipeti is an Romanian brand that has making men's shirts, suits and accessories since 1997.

Giving to the modern men an image that is defined by a certain attitude and style, Grazie Filipeti gives you a complete solution for evening, casual or business outfits, putting you on the spotlight every single event from your life.

Grazie Filipeti offers:

  • Top quality products
  • The lowest prices
  • Free shipping for orders over 190 RON
  • The best services for our customers
  • Money back guarantee in 30 days

Our Team

Grazie Filipeti Team

Grazie Filipeti team is made up of positive & constructive people, willing to meet your needs at any time.

Because we have big experience in fashion and we fully understand the needs of the modern men, our team will help you to explore the latest trends in ceremonial, business or casual outfits for the outstanding events in your life.

Grazie Filipeti team can gives you free counseling for your clothing choices when you want to attract more attention with a special Grazie Filipeti outfit, at the biggest events that you will attending.


Three years ago, I bought a Grazie Filipeti evening suit from Unirea Shopping Center. I recently had an big event and I was forced to introduce myself with a formal outfit. I want to tell you that the outfit looks like in the first day. Thanks Grazie Filipeti, Thanks!

Mihai Stoian

5 stars! I am a big customer of this brand. The pattern of making the suits is an perfect one. I tried several brands but I have a very big body and most of the time, after purchasing the suit, I have to get to the tailor for some changes. Fortunately, your suits do not have these problems and they dress me perfectly.

Florea Catalin


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